Chapter 18.69. Commercial Passenger Vessel Environmental Compliance Program.  

Section 18.69.010. Registration.
Section 18.69.015. Environmental compliance fees and refunds; vessel voyage reports.
Section 18.69.018. Waiver of deadlines; alternative terms and conditions.
Section 18.69.020. Posting of certain requirements.
Section 18.69.022. Location for submission of payments, plans, records, and reports.
Section 18.69.025. Quality assurance project plan.
Section 18.69.030. Vessel specific sampling plan.
Section 18.69.035. Nonhazardous solid waste offloading and disposal plan.
Section 18.69.040. Hazardous waste and hazardous substance offloading plan.
Section 18.69.045. [Repealed].
Section 18.69.046. Best management practices plan.
Section 18.69.050. Sewage and graywater discharge record book.
Section 18.69.053. Notice of sampling.
Section 18.69.055. Sampling and analytical testing report.
Section 18.69.060. Notification and reporting requirements for discharge necessary for the safety of the vessel or saving life at sea.
Section 18.69.065. Other reports.
Section 18.69.070. Exceedance of discharge limitations.
Section 18.69.075. Information requests.
Section 18.69.080. Discharges from small commercial passenger vessels; logbook.
Section 18.69.085. Access to commercial passenger vessels.
Section 18.69.090. Persons conducting sampling and analytical testing.
Section 18.69.945. Appeals.
Section 18.69.950. Informal dispute resolution.
Section 18.69.955. Public information.
Section 18.69.990. Definitions.