Title 2. Administration.  

Chapter 2.05. Office of the Commissioner.
Chapter 2.06. Adjustments to Judicial Salaries.
Chapter 2.07. Personnel Rules.
Chapter 2.08. Leave Rules.
Chapter 2.10. Collective Bargaining Among Public Employees.
Chapter 2.12. Procurement.
Chapter 2.15. Purchasing.
Chapter 2.17. Professional Services Contracts(Repealed 1/1/88).
Chapter 2.20. Sale of Surplus Property.
Chapter 2.21. Division of Information Services.
Chapter 2.25. Claims.
Chapter 2.30. Public Employees' Retirement System (Relocated).
Chapter 2.35. Public Employees' Retirement System.
Chapter 2.36. Teachers' Retirement System.
Chapter 2.37. Judicial, Elected Public Officers, and National Guard/Naval Militia Retirement Systems and Employee Benefit Systems.
Chapter 2.38. Employment-Related Benefits for Same-Sex Partners of State Retirees Under the State's Retirement Systems.
Chapter 2.39. Group Health and Life Insurance.
Chapter 2.40. Longevity Bonus Program.
Chapter 2.41. Pioneers' Homes.
Chapter 2.42. Assisted Living Homes.
Chapter 2.45. Grant Administration.
Chapter 2.47. Municipal Capital Project Matching Grant Program.
Chapter 2.50. Alaska Public Offices Commission.
Chapter 2.55. Public Broadcasting Commission.
Chapter 2.60. Office of Public Advocacy.
Chapter 2.64. Administrative Hearings.
Chapter 2.70. Boat Registration.
Chapter 2.80. Violent Crimes Compensation Board.
Chapter 2.90. Driver Licensing and Safety Responsibility.
Chapter 2.91. Driver Training Schools and Instructors.
Chapter 2.92. Vehicle Registration, Title, and Transfer.
Chapter 2.93. Hearings for Motor Vehicles and Driver Licensing.
Chapter 2.96. Public Information.