Part 8.1. Industrial Welfare.

Chapter 8.05. Child Labor.
Chapter 8.10. Private Employment Agencies.
Chapter 8.15. Alaska Wages and Hours.
Chapter 8.20. Transportation of Employees.
Chapter 8.25. Payment of Wages.
Chapter 8.27. Fish Processors and Primary Fish Buyers.
Chapter 8.30. Public Contracts.
Chapter 8.35. Oil And Gas Leases, Local Hire.
Chapter 8.40. Alaska Industrial Incentive Act (No Regulations Filed).
Chapter 8.45. Compensation, Medical Benefits, and Proceedings Before the Alaska Workers' Compensation Board.
Chapter 8.46. Self-Insurance.
Chapter 8.50. Second injury fund (No Regulations Filed).
Chapter 8.55. Fishermen's Fund.
Chapter 8.57. Appeals.
Chapter 8.60. Transportation of Explosives(Repealed 1/26/78).
Chapter 8.61. Occupational Safety and Health.
Chapter 8.62. Explosives Handlers.
Chapter 8.63. Plumbing Code.
Chapter 8.64. Logging And Sawmill Safety Code(Repealed 1/26/78).
Chapter 8.66. General Safety Code(Repealed 1/30/75).
Chapter 8.70. Electrical Safety Code.
Chapter 8.75. Building Safety Regulations.
Chapter 8.77. Elevator Safety Standards.
Chapter 8.78. Amusement Rides and Tramways.
Chapter 8.80. Boiler and Pressure Vessel Construction Code.
Chapter 8.81. Alaska Performance Scholarship Program Career and Technical School Program Certification.
Chapter 8.82. Alaska Vocational Technical Center.
Chapter 8.84. Alaska Workforce Investment Board.
Chapter 8.85. Employment Security.
Chapter 8.86. Alaska Technical and Vocational Education Program.
Chapter 8.87. State Training and Employment Program.
Chapter 8.88. Displaced Homemakers' Program.
Chapter 8.89. State Employment Training Program.
Chapter 8.90. Plumbers and Electricians.
Chapter 8.95. Adjustments to Alaska Exemptions Act.
Chapter 8.97. Collective Bargaining Among Public Employees.
Chapter 8.98. Vocational Rehabilitation.
Chapter 8.99. Adult Basic Education and Diplomas Under Special Conditions.